Put on your Baymax pajamas and go to the slumber party

 The animated film Big Hero 6, released in North America in 2014 (released in Chinese cinemas in 2015), as one of the main characters, Baymax successfully gained numerous fans around the world with his tall and lovely appearance and lovely and warm personality.Baymax is hiro’s brother’s personal health advisor, an intelligent robot that differs from other robots in that it is an inflatable robot. Whatever the owner tells Baymax to do, as long as the owner can be happy, he will do it, but there is only one rule that must not be violated — not to harm humans. It is also because of bai’s loyal character, in this movie also poked a lot of people cute point. Because of his very fat body, also made a lot of jokes, such as some places must be deflated before entering, and then inflate after entering. In fact, Baymax is an inflatable medical robot developed by Hiro Hamada’s brother masaaki hamada. The giant white inflatable robot, with round lines and a single expression, looks at once like a minimalist Michelin man and an oversized marshmallow, soft and thoughtful. This minimalist design represents another interesting evolution of animated movies, and Baymax’s appeal lies in his unconscious cuteness and high-tech capabilities.

      There is no doubt that many people want to have a robot like Baymax in their hearts to bring warmth and happiness. Baymax is no longer an abstract cartoon character but a symbol of people’s yearning for warmth and beauty.If you can’t have a real Baymax, why don’t you take a look at Baymax onesies, which perfectly restore the lovely image of Baymax, the whole body is white and looks dull, if you put it on, you will find that it can also bring you warmth like Baymax when you need it.

       When you get home after a long day out, put on your pajamas, wrap yourself up, pour yourself a cup of hot coffee, and curl up in a corner watching a TV show. You will feel a sense of security and happiness.Baymax doesn’t have a tail, so you don’t have to face the dilemma of other cartoon pajamas. It’s lightweight and doesn’t carry loads.But as a qualified pajama, it needs to have not easily deformation, you need to know what materials can not be used washing machine cleaning, otherwise it will cause wrinkles, pilling and other phenomena, affecting the overall beauty.White is the cleanest color, it won’t fade, but it can stain with your other clothes, so you need to be careful to wash them separately to avoid this.If your friend also likes Baymax or other onesies, the two of you can buy them together as girlfriends and wear them out at parties. It will be a special experience.

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